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Due to the launch of our new Asian Gallery, we are offering a 10% discount for all our artworks from now till end November 2010. To make things sweeter, we are also offering FREE International Shipping.

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Friday, September 17, 2010

Introducing Artist Lian Zhen

Zhen Lian is an artist base in China. She is a retired art teacher and is now back to her first love, painting. Chinese painting is her forte. She captures the beauty of nature in her use of ink, acrylic and oil. There is a dream-like, surrealistic quality to her paintings, like being in a fairy tale, very light, feminine and floaty.

Chinese painting may look simple but it is actually a highly difficult genre. Achieving the right balance and effects of water and ink on paper is no easy feat. Lian has managed to achieve this as seen from her works through the delicate strokes of her brush. She is equally adept in oil painting, her favourite medium.

Her use of complementary and tone-on-tone colours brings harmony and a sense of calm and serenity to the subjects she paints, never jarring.

In the artist's own words:
I am an idealistic dreamer, I only put beautiful imageries into my paintings. I like to cover my canvas with a profusion of colours in their dream-like imageries. I like to make myself feel like living in a dreamy world, away from the turmoils and troubles of my busy life.I love what I paint, be it an object,an animal or a landscape. I enjoy creating a romantic and poetic atmosphere in all my paintings .Like Renoir, I believe that a painting should be beautiful. My oil paintings are juxtapositions and combinations of prismy colours. I like to experiment with different medias , such as acrylic and ink on Chinese papers. But I like oil paintings most, I like the richness of its colours and its flexibility. You can paint your work a thousand times to reach a satisfactory result.

See Zhen Lian's paintings below

Monday, September 6, 2010

Introducing Artist Paul Arenas

Paul Arenas is born in Philippines in 1979. He graduated with a Bachelor in Fine Arts Major in Painting at the University of the Philippines Cebu College in April 2002. He has also won awards at the Jose Joya Awards Annual Painting Competition and the Metrobank Foundation, Inc. Young Painters' Annual.

Paul's art presents the everyday people – social status, mediocrity, human inclinations, social dispositions, attitudes, behavior, character, culture and customs. His art captures the playfulness and exaggeration from simple and ordinary situations that are recurrent, prevalent and real. These subjects are painted in the style of figurative abstract, cubism, symbolism and motifs of social realism.

The paintings are done in oil, covering the canvas with thick pastel colors. The bold strokes adapted from impasto and scraffito technique, intensifies the texture, movement and contrast of light and shade. The figures are portrayed in a very linear and child-like effect, influenced by Picasso and principles of Matisse. His paintings reflect the positive outlook and liveliness of the Filipinos.

People are his main subjects which he finds mysterious, complicated and interesting. His art embraces simplicity yet his subjects are full of irony. These are all well-represented in his artwork.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Introducing Artist Nagesh Goud

Nagesh was born in India in 18th July 1965. He is a multi-discipline artist and is equally adept at oil, water colour, acrylic and pen & ink mediums. In fact, he is so good with these mediums that he could combine them so well as we can see from his Puppet Makers series of paintings. His intricate paintings reflect his deeply rooted Indian culture and tradition, brought to life with modern painting techniques and bright colours.

The artist's words:
I want to express these in my own creative visual imaginary. My style of paintings is based on experimental studies, in ancient stories, with different mediums, Acrylics, Water colors, Pen and Ink, Metallic inks, oil pastles etc become strong medium of the reflection of my vivid perception and understanding of managing human value to achieve Individuality. I hope to be remembered for my ability to illustrate my convictions on Canvas.

I love working with my latest puppet maker series because these provide the line and stroke with color that I love so much. I hope my painting brings light and beauty to whoever looks at them.

Below are some of Nagesh's Puppet Maker series

Friday, August 27, 2010

Survey Uncovers Habits and Preferences of Antique and Art Buyers

Interesting article on buying behaviour of art and antique buyers
Results from a recent survey undertaken by antique show managers Melrose & Duddy and Urban Art and Antiques reveals that buyers of antiques and fine art shop often, consider themselves well-versed in what they are buying and seek across a spectrum of delivery channels.

“The survey revealed some of what we expected to find and uncovered a few surprises,” says Melrose & Duddy founding partner Jay Melrose. “If there’s one underlying theme, it’s that collectors of antiques and fine art are not at all casual about their affinity.”

Almost sixty percent of 100 respondents consider themselves informed buyers and more than 43 percent shop for art and antiques on a weekly basis. Another 19 percent go shopping once a month. Seventy of the 100 shop for art and antiques online, and almost as many have bought at auction in the past year. Eighty-four percent, more than those who shop online or at auction, have purchased from a shop or antique mall in the past year, yet only 27 percent have sought the advice of a dealer or decorator in the past two years.
Almost 60 percent of respondents say their entire home is filled with antiques, while slightly more than 27 percent say they use antiques as accent pieces. A little more than 15 percent say they are just starting to learn about antiques and fine art.

On demographics the largest group of respondents, 49 percent, are aged 31-50, followed by 44 percent who are 51 or older. Fifty-four percent have a college education and 32 percent a post-graduate degree. Forty-eight percent are self-employed and more than 34 percent considered themselves to be in a professional occupation.

The survey also had several questions about the categories of antiques and art respondents have interest in. The largest group, 22 percent, report they are interested in furniture, followed by 17 percent who have a primary interest in art. Pottery, jewelry, prints, glass and silver followed in that order.

More than 51 percent are interested in items from America, followed by Europe (31 percent) and Asia (12 percent). Twenty seven percent report their primary interest is in items made between 1900 and 1930, followed by 26 percent between 1851 and 1900, 18 percent between 1801 and 1950, 16 percent after 1931 and 14 percent before 1800. The largest group, 20 percent report they are most interested in antique shows followed by 15 percent antiques and art show, 11 percent art and antiques show, 8 percent folk art show, 7 percent art show, 7 percent Americana show, etc.

The survey link was distributed on Linkedin, Facebook and Twitter, through email lists and linked from several online magazines including Antique Week and Urban Art and Antiques. The survey will remain active through 2010 at in order to attract an even larger sampling. Visitors to Melrose & Duddy shows in 2010 including Antiques in Charlottesville, Antiques and Gardening at Bryn Du and the All Saints’ Antiques Show will also be asked to complete paper versions of the survey so the responses from actual attendants to shows can be compared with online responses. Others interested in distributing the survey should contact Eric Miller at 412-499-3482

Jay Melrose, of Poland, Ohio, began selling antiques at shows in the mid 1980’s and, armed with that experience, has worked to rethink the formula of antiques show promotion. Today Melrose & Duddy shows feature an exciting array of knowledgeable dealers who are engaging generations of new buyers. More information on Melrose and Duddy is available at

Read the full survey at

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Launching ArTrism, the Asian Gallery

ArTrism has recently launched a new Asian art gallery at
The artworks in the gallery is carefully curated by our team of curators. We are also constantly on a lookout for the brightest emerging Asian artists. Our aim is to bring the best of Asian fine art to the world.

For our launch, we will be offering all our customers a 10% discount on all our available artworks. Start collecting Asian art now!

Do visit us soon. If you have any feedback do drop us a note here.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Introducing Artist Keo Titia

Keo Titia is born in Kampongchnann, Cambodia in 1971

His has a unique style of painting, of a mix of abstract and impressionistic, with very rich texture and bold knife strokes. When you see his painting from afar, it is full of abstraction. On closer look, you can actually see the finer details in the painting like the people and houses. The use of vibrant colours using palette knife is also representative of Keo's paintings.

Keo received a Bachelor of Modern Painting at the Royal University of Fine Arts in Cambodia in 1999. In 1995, he received the Baccalaureate of Painting and Sculpture at the same university.

Below are Keo's solo exhibition:

  • 7 times in Phnom penh at the Royal Palace, Le Royal Hotel, Fine Art University, Cambodiana Hotel, Juliana Hotel
  • 1 time in Siem Reap at the Grand Phnom Penh Hotel
Keo was interviewed 5 times on CTN and TVK TV channels.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Introducing Artist Thou Sophanarith

Thou Sophanarith is born in Phnom Penh, Cambodia on 1st January 1963. As a Cambodian, his paintings evokes a deep sense of Khmer tradition and culture. His oil paintings often depicts the lives of Cambodians and their beliefs in cheerful bright impressionistic style with some abstraction. Possibly, depicting the bright future for Cambodians after years of suffering, oppression and poverty under Khmer Rouge regime.

He acquired his keen eyes for the arts at the Royal Fine Arts of Phnom Penh from 1985 to 1991. In 2000, he was acknowledged as an Honorable Painter by the Cambodian Ministry of Culture.
His paintings have been exhibited in the following countries:
- Phnom Penh
- Bangkok
- Germany
- China
- Vietnam
Below are some of his paintings:

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Introducing Artist Animesh Roy

Animesh Roy is inspired by the furious passion of Van Gogh, the adventure and grit in Papillon and Robert Louis Stevenson, Messner for being alone with the mountains, the total irreverence and bohemia of Henry Miller, rebellious youths in The Wild One, “What are you rebelling against? What’ve you got?”, the sublime serenity of Tagore and Ray, and courage and greatness of the Mahatma.
Born in one of the most artistic places in Bengal, Krishnagar, famous for its clay sculptures, Roy has been crisscrossing since a child as his parents had transferable jobs. A sense of adventure was instilled in him as a child through treks in the Himalayas — “Walking down to Saat Taal and getting lost on the way back in the darkness.....”

Inspiration comes from adventure, travel, meeting people, visiting villages, monasteries, temples, churches, mosques, and graveyards. He would not be able to work in the confines of a comfortable city studio. Though many of his works do get physically done in a studio — the germs are born on the road, while traveling, soaking in.

Roy has been a rebel and a traveller and his natural skills are completely untrained. His artistic growth did get stunted from four years of exile in the Delhi College of Art, trying to get a meaningless ‘art degree’. He planned for a ‘break’ like Papillon succeeding with two back to back solo shows just out of college in 1992. Earning the ire of the art critics and his art college professors!

Since then Roy has had six solo shows in major Indian cities.

Roy traveled to Ladakh in 1995 in the comforts of an aircraft and called it — Travels with a Donkey — an R. L. Stevenson travelogue. He did some 100 drawings in and around Leh.

Then in 1997 onwards he went into a hiatus — reading, learning how to drive and traveling furiously whenever his budget would allow — Nepal, Bhutan, America, Sikkim, Gahrwal, Himachal, Rajasthan, Kutch, UP, Bengal, Goa, Madras. He stopped painting and exhibiting, cutting himself off from the ‘art world’. But continued quietly to do pen-and-ink drawings of places visited.

From 1996-2004 Roy did extensive pen-and-ink drawing of Delhi’s ruins: Mehrauli, Tughlakhabad, Adilabad, Sri, Sultan Ghari, Old Delhi etc., while constantly planning his next trip to Leh by road via Manali a distance of over 3,000 km from Delhi and back.

In 2004 he went back to Ladakh, this time traveling alone in his jeep, battling severe high altitude sickness, driving through some of the world’s highest altitude roads and passes. He paints this time.

Early 2006 — he visited Banares — and came back to his studio in Delhi to produce some 30 odd paintings in acrylics on canvas mostly inspired by the spring and summer of Delhi and a new found joy in his heart.
Roy is back to his first love — painting.

The summer of 2006 Roy went back to the Himalayas… the Kullu Valley in Himachal Pradesh. Painting the waterfalls and mountainscapes on acrylics on canvas. By the time monsoon came he was back to the planes painting the fields in the villages around Delhi. During this time Roy finally switched to oils… a medium till now avoided by him due to the fear that it was not suited to his temperament! Many wise men had advised him against using oils!! But lately Roy was very unhappy with the results of Acrylic paints.. ‘It’s too muddy and there’s no sparkle’. So he started oils. Initially it was difficult to work outdoors with oils but he has adapted and has been working since in Oils.

Roy went to Poland in 2007. It was early spring and the earth was coming back to life after a harsh winter... everyday fresh blades of grass and wild flowers would spurt... soon the landscape was flooded with flowering tress, shrubs, herbs... it was difficult to keep pace with ever-changing landscape.. before you could decide and go back to a spot the flowers have gone and was greeted by something new!

He spent about six months in Poland. Traveling and painting. By the time he packed his easel and paints, he had finished about sixty odd works during his sojourn. Most of the works were done in plein air and when the weather would turn too rough for outdoors, he would do some still life indoors.

Why Poland? Heart has its reason which the mind can’t fathom....
Presently Roy is painting in Europe again...

View some of Aminesh's paintings here. Click on the picture below to view and buy.

Friday, July 30, 2010

2009 Art Market Trends

Interested to find out what is in and what is out in the art market scene in 2009. Read on here
It tells you how many artworks are sold, the value of artworks and what is the most popular in terms of sales in 2009. Get some great insights here.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

New Features at ArTrism

We have incorporated new features on ArTrism. Now, we allow our users to share their artwork in many social media platforms, like Facebook, Blogspot, Twitter, Google, Bebo and many other social networks. This is to allow your artwork to be disseminated to as many online audience as possible.

The second feature is an artwork rating system where users can rate your artwork. From here, you can see how well-liked your artwork is.

We will be further enhancing the system to make ArTrism a more enjoyable online art gallery. Do send me comments if you have more ideas on how to improve ArTrism.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Friday, June 25, 2010

Art on Acrylic

I discovered these elegant and contemporary acrylic prints online called Art on Acrylic. Art on acrylic is ideal for modern contemporary works of art and photography. The finished product is created by digitally printing on archival quality photographic paper that is mounted to a ¼" polished, flame edge acrylic. This process maximizes image clarity, crispness and quality that is unmatched in the marketplace. Brushed nickel standoff mounting hardware is provided to add depth to the finished product.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Store@ArTrism is launched!

We have the most comprehensive and wide range of fine art supplies here to satisfy your inner artist.
Save up to 30% off many fine art products!

Friday, June 11, 2010

Liszt Hungarian Rhapsody No 2 (Tom vs Lang Lang)

Lang Lang's version of this is inspired by Tom, the cat....haha.
Tom's version in 1944. This won an Oscars in 1944. Remembered watching this when I was a kid, very nostalgic.

Lang Lang's recent version

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

New paintings at ArTrism

View and Buy at

View and buy at

Support the T’boli tribe in Philippines

The Painting and the Painter- This is an original painting of Ronald Tamfalan. His subjects are his own fellow tribal people depicting their culture and life. It shows exactly how a T’boli woman looks, dresses, and cares for her baby.

The painting’s title “TULUNGAN PARA SA KABUHAYAN” is a Filipino line which means ‘Need help to have a better life’.
The painter conveys about his tribe situation, where many is in dire need of education to have a better life. He is from Philippines and belongs to T’boli tribe, many of his tribe men have less or no education at all, and he expresses his great desire to have them educated. The painter himself didn’t finish college because of financial difficulty. Because of his wanting to help educate his fellow tribal people, Ronald, for few years now teaches almost everyone in his village how to paint. Everyone’s house is becoming into an art gallery and their village is turning into an art museum.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Sounds & Colours: Chopin in Singapore Photography Competition

Chopin, superstar of the of his generation

In 2010, the year Chopin would have been 200 years old, people throughout the world celebrate his persona and music with a wide range of events.
The Sounds & Colours: Chopin in Singapore Photography Competition is one of these events held in appreciation of the composers widely appreciated works. Singapore, as the modern commercial and cultural hub in South East Asia, plays host to the Photography competition in 2010.
The Polish Embassy in Singapore and Halina and Miroslaw Pienkowski are proud to organize as one of the many events held in Singapore, a Photography competition with the aim to further introduce to Singaporeans the music of Chopin and the colourful emotions it sparks in its listeners and admirers.
The “Sounds & Colours: Chopin in Singapore” Photography Competition is aimed at the vast number of hobby photographers in Singapore and asks local artists to capture a trace of Chopin in our modern and culturally rich city. The interpretation of the theme is absolutely open to the photographer as long as it contains a relationship to Chopin, his music and the emotional and worldly values his persona and creations stand for.
There are three prices to be won for the best photographs entered. The first price receives 3000S$, the second price will be awarded 2000S$ and the third price is worth 1000S$. The winning photographs and selected runners-up will be displayed in an exhibition at the Singapore Botanical Gardens.
The Photographic Society of Singapore, as one of the supporters of the competition, lends its long-standing expertise in the photography field to ensure all photographs are judged by experts in their field and the best photographs to be chosen as winners.
Singapore Botanical Gardens, where the Chopin Monument in Singapore has been unveiled in 2008, is the venue sponsor of the “Sounds & Colours: Chopin in Singapore” Photography competition. The final ceremony will be held in the Shaw Foundation Symphony Stage in conjunction with a concert of Chopin’s music by talented young musicians.
Join us in celebrating the Arts in Singapore in the Chopin Year 2010.

Here are some of Chopin's composition to give you some inspiration

I Love London


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