Friday, January 30, 2009

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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Colours Under the Sea

Another of my personal artwork, sold in 2006. This abstract painting is inspired by the colours under sea. I forgot to defog my mask on one of my dive trips and this is what I saw through my blurred and foggy mask....colourful but fuzzy. To commission a similar piece, please contact

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Introducing Arlene Wright-Correll

Introducing, Arlene Wright-Correll, the most enthusiatic and multi-talented artist.

She is an award winning American Artist, free lance writer, & gardener, at the age of 68, decided to pick up her paint brushes again after 54 years and paint, in mostly gouache watercolors, the flowers, herbs and fruits that grow at Home Farm Herbery.

Though she paints in all mediums, she likes to use the Gouache paints, which are a heavy, opaque watercolor paint, sometimes called body color, producing a less wet-appearing and more strongly colored picture than ordinary watercolor.
Occasionally, she will paint something from her world travels. Especially, of Scotland, Ireland, or the Mediterranean. She is fond of those old memories.
Her original paintings are sold quite quickly and one can always try and pick up whatever current one she is working on. The amazing thing about this "young" artist is that as a mother of 5 & the grandmother of 8, she is also a cancer and stroke survivor who is able to strive forward each and everyday to welcome the beauty of this small planet.

Exhibitions: 2009 NeoPopRealismStarz Competition New York 2009 Miami Basel Competition 2008 Smithsonian Institute Art Exhibition "Between Fences", 2008 The Artist’s Magazine's 2008 All-Media Online Competition 2008 & 2007 Women in the Arts, Bowling Green, KY, 2008 & 2007 Western KY University Celebration of the Arts, 2008 & 2007 South Central KY Cultural Center, Glasgow KY, 2008 & 2007 Fine Arts winner KY State Fair, 2008 winner of 4 ribbons Hart County Fair, 2006 Artist of the Month, Horse Cave Book Store, May 2005, 1st place winner Salis International, Colorado Springs, Hydras Watercolors. She has studied Vitri-Fusaille" with award winning artists Peter McGrain and watercolors with Jef Dirig. Her original paintings are sold quite quickly and one can always try and pick up whatever current one she is working on. The amazing thing about this "young" artist is that as a mother of 5 & the grandmother of 5, she is also a cancer and stroke survivor who is able to strive forward each and everyday to welcome the beauty of this small planet. . Her books can be found on and her art at

Arlene's favourite mantra:
"Tread the Earth Lightly" and in the meantime.. may your day be filled with… Peace, Light and Love,

Check out here artwork below:

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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Love Pink

I just love these rooms with splashes of hot pink in them, not over-empowering and over-sweet, just a nice touch of feminity in an otherwise masculine room...

Source from Flickr

Monday, January 26, 2009

Introducing Slovenia Artist: Milena Soukal

I am deeply touched by the tumultuous life of artist, Milena Soukal. So much so that I have to share her life story that is translated into her painting. I am especially moved by this particular piece called Fear. I will never understand the pain and fear she has gone through.

Read her bios below and you would understand what I mean.

83 years ago Milena Soukal entered this world in Slovenia. She lived there with her mother, father, 2 sisters and her brother until the peace was disrupted with WWII. Milena was a grade school teacher who taught grades 1-12. As singers and musicians she and her two sisters had a successful radio show in Slovenia. Her life took a horrible turn when the powers to be (America, England & Russia) decided that Slovenia was to be turn over to the Communists in 1945.

Her family, being strong anti-communists, was in trouble. She and her siblings tried to convince her mother to escape with them to Austria. They failed, but her mother encouraged them to try it by themselves. Her two sisters left first, and then Milena and her brother fled together.
It was a terrible trek, under Russian gun fire and siege, no cars, just horses and carts, people and horses being shot all around them, they spent 3 days in a mountain pass, because the roads were jammed with thousands of escaping Germans, Serbs, Italians and all others fleeing the communists. They hid in a tunnel jammed with others fleeing to freedom. Chaos abounded, all languages mixed together.

They finally got into Austria, but not to freedom as we Americans know it. They were met by her two sisters and all were put into a refugee camp where Milena lived for 5 long years with thousands and thousands of other refugees. At first in a big field, no food, shelter, nothing. Eventually they organized themselves. They found canvas, made a tent; at first food was made from the dead horses and mules. It is here that she met her husband in this camp, they married, and two of her 4 children were born in that camp.

While in the camp, the Americans, English and Russian were being besieged by the Austrians to take these refugees. Finally the Russians agreed to take11, 000 anti-communists out of the camp and word got back to Milena that all 11,000 were shot to death by Slovenian Communists!

At last the Slovenia League from America stepped in. Milena, her husband and 2 babies were some of the chosen to come to America. Penniless, they were transported to Germany where they waited 6 more weeks until they flown by the Army to New York. Here they were met by more people from the Slovenia League who gave them $5.00 in cash which Milena said they had to repay once they were working. Other people helped them with food, clothing and getting an apartment. Her husband got a job as a janitor. After 4 years, they moved to Chicago where he worked in a steel mill. Their family grew during this time, when 2 more sons were born. During their life in Chicago and as the boys grew older Milena began work at Sears Roebuck.

Milena and her husband worked hard, saved and eventually bought a home, they raised 4 fine sons, even were able to buy a small farm in Munfordville in 1985 as a summer place.

In 1978 & in 1980 her art won first place in one of Sears & Roebuck’s art contests. An accomplished poet Milena also won several awards during the time she lived in Chicago. Milena is also a talented musician and singer.

Her husband died in 1989 and Milena decided she needed the peace and tranquility of Munfordville to continue her art work. Much to her 4 son’s dismay she left the hustle and bustle of Chicago moved full time to their summer place in 1990.

An avid gardener, she maintains her place with the beauty that perseveres through all the travails she has endured. A few years ago, her 33 year old son was cutting down a tree for her when it fell on him and killed him adding another chilling and sad event for Milena.

Milena’s artwork continues each day. She belongs to the South Central Kentucky Arts & Crafts Guild. When she is not painting, she is gardening, or crocheting many items she has for sale or gives to her grandchildren.

Black Trimmings

Check out these splashes of black....Picture Perfect

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Grey the new black

Grey has become widely accepted as a universal and neutral colour. Many interior designers are using grey to beautiful effect. Below are some pics for your viewing pleasure:

Source from Flickr

Cold Puffy Bird

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Perfect Realism

The first time I saw Abbey Ryan's paintings, I was in awe at how realistic and detailed her paintings are. She has been painting miniature oil painting every day since 9/23/07. Some of her latest works are shown below:

Check out her blog at for more of her paintings.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Soooo Cute

Found this pic in Design Undercover. I just love Dachshunds...

Happy II

Showcasing one of my favourite painting from my own collection. Check out my other paintings at

Yellow Inspires

Yellow is big in 2009, check out some of these beautiful rooms in all shades of yellow...

Source from Flickr


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