Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Sounds & Colours: Chopin in Singapore Photography Competition

Chopin, superstar of the of his generation

In 2010, the year Chopin would have been 200 years old, people throughout the world celebrate his persona and music with a wide range of events.
The Sounds & Colours: Chopin in Singapore Photography Competition is one of these events held in appreciation of the composers widely appreciated works. Singapore, as the modern commercial and cultural hub in South East Asia, plays host to the Photography competition in 2010.
The Polish Embassy in Singapore and Halina and Miroslaw Pienkowski are proud to organize as one of the many events held in Singapore, a Photography competition with the aim to further introduce to Singaporeans the music of Chopin and the colourful emotions it sparks in its listeners and admirers.
The “Sounds & Colours: Chopin in Singapore” Photography Competition is aimed at the vast number of hobby photographers in Singapore and asks local artists to capture a trace of Chopin in our modern and culturally rich city. The interpretation of the theme is absolutely open to the photographer as long as it contains a relationship to Chopin, his music and the emotional and worldly values his persona and creations stand for.
There are three prices to be won for the best photographs entered. The first price receives 3000S$, the second price will be awarded 2000S$ and the third price is worth 1000S$. The winning photographs and selected runners-up will be displayed in an exhibition at the Singapore Botanical Gardens.
The Photographic Society of Singapore, as one of the supporters of the competition, lends its long-standing expertise in the photography field to ensure all photographs are judged by experts in their field and the best photographs to be chosen as winners.
Singapore Botanical Gardens, where the Chopin Monument in Singapore has been unveiled in 2008, is the venue sponsor of the “Sounds & Colours: Chopin in Singapore” Photography competition. The final ceremony will be held in the Shaw Foundation Symphony Stage in conjunction with a concert of Chopin’s music by talented young musicians.
Join us in celebrating the Arts in Singapore in the Chopin Year 2010.

Here are some of Chopin's composition to give you some inspiration

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