Friday, September 3, 2010

Introducing Artist Nagesh Goud

Nagesh was born in India in 18th July 1965. He is a multi-discipline artist and is equally adept at oil, water colour, acrylic and pen & ink mediums. In fact, he is so good with these mediums that he could combine them so well as we can see from his Puppet Makers series of paintings. His intricate paintings reflect his deeply rooted Indian culture and tradition, brought to life with modern painting techniques and bright colours.

The artist's words:
I want to express these in my own creative visual imaginary. My style of paintings is based on experimental studies, in ancient stories, with different mediums, Acrylics, Water colors, Pen and Ink, Metallic inks, oil pastles etc become strong medium of the reflection of my vivid perception and understanding of managing human value to achieve Individuality. I hope to be remembered for my ability to illustrate my convictions on Canvas.

I love working with my latest puppet maker series because these provide the line and stroke with color that I love so much. I hope my painting brings light and beauty to whoever looks at them.

Below are some of Nagesh's Puppet Maker series

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