Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Support the T’boli tribe in Philippines

The Painting and the Painter- This is an original painting of Ronald Tamfalan. His subjects are his own fellow tribal people depicting their culture and life. It shows exactly how a T’boli woman looks, dresses, and cares for her baby.

The painting’s title “TULUNGAN PARA SA KABUHAYAN” is a Filipino line which means ‘Need help to have a better life’.
The painter conveys about his tribe situation, where many is in dire need of education to have a better life. He is from Philippines and belongs to T’boli tribe, many of his tribe men have less or no education at all, and he expresses his great desire to have them educated. The painter himself didn’t finish college because of financial difficulty. Because of his wanting to help educate his fellow tribal people, Ronald, for few years now teaches almost everyone in his village how to paint. Everyone’s house is becoming into an art gallery and their village is turning into an art museum.

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