Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Sharing some funny clips that reminds me of my dog

My dog Sparky vs Mr Weenie from Open Season 2...haha, so uncannily alike in looks and character! The animators really understand the mannerism and traits of the Dachshund very well!! Just like Mr Weenie, my Sparky is greedy and will vacuum up any bits of food on the floor like a vacuum cleaner. He also acts like a tough guy with other dogs and animals but is really a softee at heart. Lastly, he is contradictory, he loves the comforts of home and his family but enjoys his secret escapades outside the house...yes...he sneaks out everyday and sneaks back in the house again without us knowing. Just found out from my neighbour that Sparky visits and plays with their 2 huge labradors at their garden every day....the reason for his escapades.

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