Monday, December 14, 2009

Interior Design and Fashion: Nuetrals

Feeling stump on how to decorate and style your home, the solution is to bring the runway into the "homeway". Check out how the Neutral trend on the fashion scene and how you can translate into your interiors. You may wonder what neutral colours are. Neutral colours include black, white, beige, gray, taupe, brown, to name a few. Neutrals bring about a more subdued and understated feel to your home. These colours also bring a touch of serenity and lightness to the home. Choose neutral home accessories and furniture, like the ones below.
Home, Life & Style December 10, 2009
Home, Life & Style December 9, 2009
Home, Life & Style December 9, 2009 by theoriginalpeapod on

Of course, back to my favourite topics, paintings and fine art prints. Below are some beautiful neutral-coloured paintings and prints to jazz up the look.

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