Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Escape from Cubicle Nation: How on...

 Download the first chapter here
This book is for those who are sucked and stuck at the deep, dark abyss of the black hole called the Corporate World, struggling to get out but are afraid to. The first chapter of this book really strikes a chord in me. It describes everything I feel about the corporate world to the T. I feel as if I am reading my own thoughts. I was really blown away when I read the free chapter here.

You may think your rice bowl is secure by working in big corporations, read about how the modern  coporate culture actually eats away your life and soul bit by bit. Some excerpts from the book:
- unproductive and never-ending meetings and conference calls
- over-reliant on external consultants, not listening and trusting their employees
- Asks for ideas and feedback, but never take them seriously
- decks and decks of powerpoints for nothing
- they say they care about employees but at the end of the day it's all about bottom-line and who they like
- Best shore concept
- being visible is everything
- And other political corporate shit

Very interesting how author Pamela Slim put together the pitfalls of the corporate world, true to the very end.
I am not saying that all companies are like that but most of them are. Enjoy the read! It's an eye opener.

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