Friday, October 2, 2009

Disappointed with some People is a free auction site to help artists sell their artwork. We only charge artists for being featured on the homepage and be listed higher in the category pages and for advertisements We also charge a very small fee for any artwork that are sold through We do this because we need funds to support the website and to market the website so that the artists' artwork sell.

However, recently we have a quite a number of artists who conveniently abuse the feature and advertisement function by using the functions but not wanting to pay, despite reminders being sent to them.

For these artists, I hope you are reading this. Please pay for what you use. It is very unfair for the other artists who actually paid for these functions.

We try not to ban anyone for non-payment and we hope to stay that way. We are people full of good will. I hope artists who are out there understand this and not try to take advantage. Pay for what you have used. By not paying, that is equivalent to stealing.

I am deeply saddened by this and hope that you understand. We are trying very hard to help artists and I hope these artists will support us and not abuse us.

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